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80% of the doors in the UK are UPVC and have Multi Point Locks, I carry the most mainstream mechanisms to cover most of the UK's doors. Whether your hinges, handles or locks are broken give your local Wednesbury Locksmith a call for a low cost highly competitive quote.

All Locksmith work carried out carries a full Parts and Labour Guarantee.


I only use quality parts that give many years of trouble free service that have sbeen sourced from reputable suppliers.


Having served the residents of Birmingham for many years I've built a reputation on providing quality service at great prices.

Without a key in the lock, the driver pins (blue) are pushed downwards, preventing the plug (yellow) from rotating.

How a Pin Tumbler Lock Works.

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Lock Replacement / UPVC Door Repairs / Glass Replacement

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If you're looking for a Locksmith in the Wednesbury area give me a call for locksmith service you can afford.

  • Locked out? Don't worry I specialise in opening in all types of doors. Commercial / Retail / Residential.
  • UPVC Door Repairs, I have many years experience in the repair of UPVC windows and doors.
  • Misty Double Glazed Units? I'll replace them with Crystal Clear New Ones.

Expert Lock Fitting.

If you need new locks fitting in the Wednesbury area by an experienced locksmith be sure to give me a call for 1st class service at prices you can afford.


I invest in high quality dedicated industry tools to get the job done right first time.


Using a Locksmith needn't be expensive, give me a call for a low cost locksmith quote.

Wooden Door Security.

If you have an external wooden door, I strongly recommend you have a British Standard / Insurance rated mortice lock fitted.


A mortice lock offers a much increased level of security against attacks from burglars. It's also requirement of most insurance companies to validate your policy in the event of a claim.


Locksmith in Wednesbury

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UPVC Door Mechanisms Fitted in Wednesbury.


UPVC Door Locking Mechanisms comes in wide variety of shapes and sizes. Generally a door will exhibit wear and tear of a period of time. One of the common signs is the locking mechanism won't fully engage without excessive upward pressure on the handles. At this stage the door's in need of adjustment.


Mechanisms can fail when the door's in the locked position. When this happens you'll need an experienced locksmith with dedicated tools to get the door open without damage to either the door or frame.


I've got many years experience in the opening of jammed doors and have all the necessary tools and equipment to do the job professionally without any damage.

Non Destructive Entry.


I trend towards opening doors using more traditional locksmith techniques learned and practised over many years. There's lots of handymen trying to open doors with very limited knowledge of locks,


I've seen countless locks drilled very badly and jobs been literally abandoned because they didn't have sufficient enough skillset to approach the job correctly. I've subsequently been called in to rectify the poor workmanship.


Lock picking (non destructive entry) is the craft of unlocking a lock by analyzing and manipulating the components of the lock device without the original key. In addition lock picking should not damage the lock itself.





When an incorrect key is inserted into the lock, the key pins (red) and driver pins (blue) do not align with the shear line; therefore, it does not allow the plug (yellow) to rotate.

When the correct key is inserted, the gaps between the key pins (red) and driver pins (blue) align with the edge of the plug (yellow).

With the gaps between the pins aligned with the shear line, the plug (yellow) can rotate freely.